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Best Hammock Chair Stands // 2023 Review and Guide

best hammock chair stand reviews

Hammock chairs are amazing.  And if you have a pergola, tree branch, or rafter you can hang the chair using one of these straps and be done with it.  Or attach it to the ceiling with this hardware.

But that’s leaves a lot of us on the ground.

Sure, a picnic is great too, but a hammock chair in the yard, by the pool, or an uncovered deck is even better.  With the best hammock chair stands (more on which ones later), the possibilities are endless.

Best hammock chair stand in the yard

So what’s the best hammock chair stand for you?  Well, that depends on the contour of the ground, the chair type, your budget, and your style.  Let’s go over the best hammock chair stands for most people….

Best A Frame Hammock Chair Stand

KT Hammock Chair Stand

The KT Hammock Chair Stand is a little different that most hammock chair stands.  It uses an A-Frame shape that is super sturdy, safe, and efficient.

It’s also a great multi-purpose stand, holding up to 440 pounds!  Who doesn’t need a good all-around stand?  Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Pull ups
  • Punching Bag
  • TRX
  • Outdoor workouts
  • Kids Swing
  • Baby Swing
  • Drying Rack (you could even hang a deer from this thing…)

You can use the KT A-Frame indoor or outdoors, and it is adjustable from 72″ to 93″.  It leave plenty of room on the sides for most hammock chairs, but check the dimensions of your chair.

It’s also very light-weight and portable making it a great option for family camping trips, or a day at the beach.  It can be set up in TEN SECONDS!

Best Egg Chair Stand

FDW Hammock Chair Stand

fdw eggshell chair standLooking for place to hang your egg?  This egg chair stand looks like a designer model that costs thousands of dollars, but you can often get it for under $100 (check the price on Amazon below).

It’s not the best for uneven ground, and it’s not the most portable – but it is one of the best looking, value, and cheap hammock chairs on the market.  It also has extremely good reviews.

Check it out.

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Don’t have the egg chair yet?  Check out the egg chair/stand combo below.

Best Cheap and Portable Hammock Chair Stand

The Best Choice Chair Swing

best cheap hammock chair stand

Hammock chair stands have a tendency to be overbuilt, and expensive.  This is a basic, light-duty, cheap hammock chair stand that definitely gets the job done.

The Best Choice Products Adjustable Chair Swing Stand has rubber feet, making it the best indoor hammock chair stand for kids or even baby holders.  In fact, this would make an excellent jolly jumper stand, allowing the parent to keep their baby at the perfect level.

It features 5 height options ranging from 79 inches to 93 inches with some really easy to use three-wing knobs and a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

It sets up fast, and is way more sturdy than it looks.  That said, this one should probably be used indoors or on a flat outdoor surface.  The other options are better for uneven ground like yards.

[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Buy on Amazon” btn_url=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/


Best Trailer Hitch Hammock Stand

Hammaka 40501 Trailer Hitch

Hammaka trailer hitch hanging chair stand for two

Want to hang two hammock chairs from the back of your truck?  There’s actually a stand for that!

Let’s be honest, we’re all going to spend a lot more time going to drive-in movies, drive-in churches, and concerts where people are spread apart at their vehicles due to social distances.  You need to be comfortable in a tailgating atmosphere, and this is the ultimate way to do it.

Imagine pulling up to the drive-in movie, swinging out a couple attachment arms that are already mounted, and connecting two swing chairs with a carabiner.  It was that easy.  You’re ready to grab a beer and enjoy the outdoors with your chair floating cleanly in the air.

Just watch how easy it is to set-up:


Never worry about cleaning the dirt and mud from your folding chair again.

From the campsite to your own driveway, the Hammaka Trailer Hitch Hammock Chair Stand will have you sitting in comfort and style no matter where you need it.

BTW, you can also hang a regular hammock from this stand!  Truly awesome.

Best Swing Chair and Stand Combo

best egg chair stand comboDon’t have a chair yet?  You might as well buy the chair/stand combo and get a set that was designed to work well together.

If you can afford it (it’s usually around $500), the best combo is the Modway Wicker Egg Chair and stand.  It’s SUPER comfortable and stylish.  It also comes with one of the best stands around, that you can’t even buy separately.

It comes in tons of different colors, and is definitely worth the higher price point.  In fact, when you consider you’re getting such a high quality chair AND stand AND hardware, it’s not that much more than other options.  Check it out below.


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