5 Best Hammock Underquilts for Cold Outdoor Nights

There’s nothing better than sleeping under open sky in a warm cocoon. But without one of the best hammock underquilts, nothing could be worse.

When people tell you they don’t like hammock camping, it’s usually because they either didn’t figure out how to lay asymmetrically, or because they didn’t have an underquilt.  Indeed, underquilts are not just nice to have, they are essential in most climates to avoid cold butt syndrome and a bad experience.

What is a hammock underquilt?  When you sleep on the ground, your body heat actually warms the ground around you.  That’s why it’s cold when you first lay down but you warm up after your body warms up the surrounding surfaces.  When you’re laying in a hammock, your heat escapes out the bottom.

A hammock underquilt is an insulation layer that ‘hugs’ the bottom of your hammock to trap your body heat inside the hammock.  It’s like a sleeping bag that was designed to cradle your hammock.

When starting out, many hammockers try using a sleeping bag inside the hammock, but that doesn’t work very well because it moves around all night and isn’t very comfortable.  Sleeping bags also make it very unpleasant to get in and out of the hammock.

Luckily you don’t need to spend to much for a good, or even one of the best hammock underquilts.  You can stay warm with one of these…


Best Hammock Underquilts Under $200


1) ENO Ember 2 UnderQuilt

ENO Ember 2 UnderQuilt

Pros: Unlike other traditional hammock under quilts focused on bottom insulation only, the design of ENO Ember 2 surrounds your sides and bottom which makes this premium hammock underquilt more reliable.

Cons: The ENO Underquilt does not work for asymmetrical hammock users. Of course, the material is water resistant but not water proof.


  • Dimensions: 7’11” x 3’9″
  • Weight: 25 ounces
  • Fill: Polyester
  • Temp Rating: 50°F

Ultralight Sleeping Quilt: This four-season hammock UQ with temperature rating of 50 degrees provides the best insulation ensuring warm and cozy lounging. It works best for both Double and SingleNest. This ultralight UQ has adjustable shock cords which makes the installation easy even in the freezing weather. The product material is not water proof but it dries very quickly.

According to some users, it is not good for those who are used to sleep diagonally in hammock. In brief, this is a basic level underquilt from a popular company at affordable rates.

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2) Outdoor Vitals Aerie 20°F Down Underquilt – Best For Winter Hammock Camping

Outdoor Vitals Aerie 20°F Down Underquilt

Pros: This is 5 in 1 multi-purpose underquilt can be used as hammock under quilt, sleeping POD system, technical blanket, single sleeping bag, and a double sleeping bag (requires two).

Cons: When zipped, the mummy style structure don’t allow you to sleep diagonally and thus it is not for lazy sleepers.


  • Size: 76” x 32”
  • Weight: 34 oz
  • Fill: Down
  • Temp Rating: 20°F

Dynamic Underquilt: This versatile underquilt is reasonable and configured with popular warm Down material which enables the great compression about the size of football. It takes very small space to fit in your backpack.

The external fabric is coated with VitalDry DWR to make it water repellent. It comes with high quality YKK zippers and the Baffled grid design prevents any cold spots from occurring in the UQ.

This is a good buy hammock underquilt which comes with lifetime warranty.

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3) ENO Vulcan Camping UnderQuilt

ENO Vulcan Camping UnderQuilt

Pros: It fits well with ENO DoubleNest hammock and comes with easy to setup suspension system. This durable product is designed to cater the functions of both quilt and underquilt.

Cons: It might not be a good option for ultralight backpackers as this product weighs 30oz. The material used is not as compressive as Down and thus cab be bulky to carry.


  • Size: 80” x 48”
  • Weight: 30 oz
  • Fill: PrimaLoft
  • Temp Rating: 30-40°F

This camping underquilt is filled with soft and cozy Primaloft which makes it perfect to use for all four seasons. It keeps you warm even in 35 to 45 F temperature when paired with comparable top quilt.

The cut construction of this product is designed to adapts body’s contours naturally and its DWR finishing keeps rain away and helps you to ward off cold temperature.

In brief, this is the perfect hammock underquilt for those who are not crazy about weight and just want to sleep in a hammock when temperature starts to get cold.

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4) OneTigris Packable Full Length Hammock Underquilt

OneTigris Packable Full Length Hammock Underquilt

Pros: This excellent piece of gear is suitable even for taller people (6’4”) and it match well with almost all standard size hammocks.

Cons: It weighs heavier in compare to other hammock underquilts almost 30oz.


  • Size: 93” x 48”
  • Weight: 30 oz
  • Fill: SEE Polyester
  • Temp Rating: 40°F to 68°F

This is one of the best cheap underquilts available in the market. It works well for all three seasons of camping and designed to keep users toasty even in chilly weather.

It comes with short bungee cord loops for easy installation and lifetime warranty.

There are 6 alternative products with different features and sizes are also available to meet and greet your camping and backpacking requirements.

In brief, Onetigris Hammock underquilt is the best gear for new hammockers.

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5) Chill Gorilla 30°F Down Underquilt

Chill Gorilla 30°F Down Underquilt

Pros: Ultralight outdoor gear with weight of 24oz comes with free suspension kit. This is a 5 in 1 UQ available at affordable rates and fits well with different hammocks.

Cons: It might be possible that this product may fail when it comes to cover two people.


  • Size: 76” x 64”
  • Weight: 24 oz
  • Fill: 800 Fill Power Down
  • Temp Rating: 30°F

If you are planning to go out on your first camping trip then this is must have survival gear that will keep you warm in freezing nights. This is 5 in 1 hammock underquilt designed to perform multi-functions as top quilt, underquilt, Hammock PeaPod System, Sleeping Bag, and technical blanket.

It can accommodate taller people upto 6’66”. However, we also found some users who are complaining that it is not suitable for taller people upto 5’10”. So, make it sure with the seller or manufacturer before you purchase it.

The grid design is made to shield the user from rain and comes with YKK zippers.

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Final Thoughts

So, aforementioned hammock underquilt options are bestselling hammock UQs on Amazon. However, we always suggest to buy durable and reliable underquilts that meets your camping requirements and able to keep you warm even in 3 or 4 season camping.

In brief, you will surely find the best underquilt for hammock from the above options. So, don’t waste your time in surfing the huge list of products on Amazon and just give a look at our suggested hammock underquilts for best choice.