Best Hunting Hammock Seat Reviews and Guide

The best hunting hammock seat is the one you don’t have to think about because it’s so comfortable and light-weight.  It should have flexible hanging options, camo, and be as sturdy as possible.

Only an avid hunter knows how important their seat is.

And you only REALLY how important they are when you have a bad one.  The last thing you want to be focusing on when you’re out hunting is the pain from sitting in a bad hunting chair all day.

The bad news, is that some of the most popular hunting hammock chairs kind of suck.  We do not recommended ones like this, which puts you in an awkward position and weighs way too much.  We would honestly rather sit on a stump.

But that’s not a great solution either.  If you want a great, comfortable, hunting chair that hangs from a tree, you need to think outside of the box.  Some of the best options are not marketed to hunters.

Here’s what we recommend.

Best Tree Stand Hammock Chair

Summit Goliath SD Review

Summit Goliath SD best treestand hunting chair

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Hunting Treestands used to be bulky, unsafe, and uncomfortable.  Recently, they have become so comfortable we’ve actually fallen asleep in them (buckle in!).

The Summit Goliath SD is the best tree stand hammock chair because they truly through of everything.  And by everything, we mean it’s light weight, flexible, collapsible, and comfortable.

You’ll have no problem getting this in the perfect spot for your next hunt, whether it be deer, elk, or turkey.

They also have the best reviews on Amazon.  Mind you, this isn’t the cheapest option.  It will cost you over $300, and we bet it will put you in the game for longer than any other chair, so what’s that worth?  They also have financing below.

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Best Folding Hunting Chair

Hitorhike Low Sling Review

Hitorhike Folding Hunting Chair, the best hammock hunting seat on the market

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The Hitorhike folding hunting chair doesn’t attach from a tree, but it still creates a hammock style chair surface that you’ll actually want to sit on.

This chair is durable, and made out of fabric that dries fast.  It also is sloped in a way that water won’t pool up in the middle of the chair if you leave it out in the rain.

It is heavy (6.6 lbs) for backpacking or long hunting trips but there are useful pockets and other handy features that help justify the extra weight.  Plus it’s the perfect portable chair for sporting events, camping, beaches, grilling, or other outdoor events where you just want to relax with a beer.

It comes in black, as well as camo if you want to blend in with other humans.

Plus, you don’t need to mess around with trees or finding the best location to hang a hammock chair.  Just open it up and plop down.

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Best Swinging Hammock Chair For Hunting

Oncloud Sky Chair Review

oncloud hanging chair for hunting

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We get it, in some ways these chairs are horrible for hunting.  They are swinging in the air, and that makes shooting very difficult.  But for some of us, it’s worth the added challenge, and there are some ways to make it sturdy.

Simply tie off a swinging hammock chair to multiple trees, and you have yourself a suspended hunting platform that can suspend between any two trees or solid points.  Some of you know how invaluable this can be, when it’s impossible to have the right shooting position from any particular tree.

These hammock chairs are a great tool for the toolkit, even if you only use them to lounge back at camp.  They are fun, comfortable, and portable.

There are a lot of good hammock chairs available, but the Oncloud Sky Chair is the best for hunting because it leaves you in more of a seated position that is better for hunting.

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Best Hunting Hammock For Sleeping

Hennessy Jungle Expedition ZIP

hennessy hunting hammock

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Hammock camping is becoming popular with hunters, and for good reason.  You can be much more mobile, have less gear, and it’s easier to find a good spot to camp.  You will also have incredibly consistent sleep once you get used to sleeping in your hammock.

The Hennessy Hammock Expedition ZIP is the perfect hammock for hunters.  Hennessy is the reason hammock camping is so popular with backpackers, through-hikers, and the military.

A lot of hunters use Hennessy Hammocks as a secondary campsite as they track game, with a main ‘basecamp’.

You also don’t have the condensation issues you have with a tent, making it ideal for hunting situations where you need to sleep in a different place each night.  Elk hunters that use hammocks have a huge advantage.

What’s great about having a hunting hammock is that you can use it during the day when you’re hunting as a hung seat, to shelter from bad weather, or to take a nap.

Just sit on it and boom, you have the best hunting hammock seat possible.  The lets you ‘nest’ in the perfect hunting position between two trees, if you can get used to stabilizing the hammock.

Here’s a great video on when hammock camping might be best for your hunting trip: