10 Best Jungle Hammocks Available on Amazon

Here are ten best jungle hammocks available on Amazon at best prices. Either you are an army person, hiker, or adventurer; these hammocks are must have in forest for better safety and comfort.

The jungle hammock came into existence when U.S. Army and Marine Corps troops thought of solving the problem of sleepless nights and uncomfortable sleep posture experienced by soldiers in the line of duty. Jungle hammocks then became an integral part of soldiers’ equipment in operating areas that had trees, rain and insects.

These military jungle hammocks also solved a basic health problem by providing a place to sleep that was free of moisture, were safe from bugs and snakes, and were relatively comfortable. The design made for the US Army and Marine Corps is widely in use across the globe due to its design and impeccable features.

Obviously, soldiers encounter jungle conditions in many of the battle zones and field exercises. Carrying beds along or a raised platform for sleeping is not possible. This is where hammock for jungle comes in as they also provide a promising shelter during rain and gusty winds.

Hammock for Army persons reduces the chances of bites from malaria-carrying mosquitoes and typhus-carrying ticks or mites. The hammocks were appreciated by soldiers as they saw declined rate of infectious diseases and raised levels of comfort.

In early times; the Quartermaster Corps was asked to introduce a jungle hammock that allowed troops to sleep off the ground, avoiding dampness and insects as these were the main problems faced by soldiers.

During the erstwhile times hammocks were bulky and were difficult to carry in an emergency. Keeping this in mind; hammocks were made light-weight, durable, tear and scratch resistant and even waterproof.

Military jungle hammocks serve the functions of a bed, mosquito and sandfly netting and a waterproof tent fly and this altogether makes a perfect get away bed for soldiers.

Though, there are many hammocks being sold through various platforms; but Amazon has got some of the best hammocks for Army persons.

The following are not only light-weight, durable and comfortable; they are also portable, easy to fix and repair.

Best Jungle Hammock Options you Check and Buy on Amazon

1) Hennessy Hammock – Deep Jungle Series

Hennessy Hammock - Deep Jungle Series

Hennessy Hammock – Deep Jungle Series

The buggiest of jungles will not bother you inside one of these. The Hennessy Hammock Expedition ZIP is made using the highest thread count and can lift up to 114 kg weight.

It was designed with extreme expeditions and military operations in mind, and there’s no doubt this is THE BEST JUNGLE HAMMOCK, hands down folks.  Check out this must-see video if you’re interested in the Hennessy Jungle Hammock:

The hammock pack includes two layers 30d spectra reinforced ripstop bottom fabric; holds insulation between the layers keeping you warm and comfortable in all seasons. The gear loft slides on ridge line and complimentary webbing straps make this hammock a complete go-to in thick jungles.

Its asymmetric shape conforms to human body shape and the structural ridgeline gives the same feel and comfort every time you sleep on it.

It also has the best hammock bug net we’ve ever seen.  Completely integrated with the hammock.

2) Newdora Hammock with Mosquito Net

Newdora Hammock with Mosquito Net for Forest

Newdora Hammock with Mosquito Net for Forest

Hammocks alone are not good enough for military use in the jungle as it rains often in tropical climes and the air is gusty and contains moisture too, which can be quite a harassing experience.

With Newdora hammock you get an attached mosquito net to keep those annoying bugs away. The mosquito net also has loops around the hoop circle ropes, which allows you to extend the net away from your body.

You can rotate the hammock 180° to place the mosquito net under the bottom in case you do not wish to use the net. The hammock can comfortably fit in two adults together and can hold up to 600pounds.

It can be set-up in just a few minutes, it is light-weight and durable and in case of a manufacturing problem; full money is returned to the buyer.


3) Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer Hammock

Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer Hammock

Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer Hammock

Nothing else is required with this hammock as everything comes along with it. There are two versions of this hammock; one with a rainfly and one without it.

The 210T Taffeta parachute comes with triple stitch edge seams, is breathable and has high strength. The No-See-Um mesh means you will be insect and bug free while sleeping. With 2500 holes per square inch, even the tiniest pest won’t find its way through.

A 300 x 200cm measurement provides enough room to hold two adults together and can lift up to 700 lb.

It comes with two gear pockets and four internal hanging loops to hold small personal items.

The daisy-chain loop system in the tree straps makes the hammock very easy to set-up. It has a one-year replacement warranty.


4) Lost Valley Camping Hammock

Lost Valley Camping Hammock

Lost Valley Camping Hammock

The pack when delivered to you will include a hammock, mosquito net, rainfly, tree straps in a lightweight compression sack. This makes it very easy to lift, carry and store as it weighs only four pounds.

The parachute nylon material used for making this hammock is super strong and completely tear resistant. The reinforced stitching and knotting design can hold one adult and can lift up to 350 lb.

The hammock takes about three minutes to set up.


5) Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Everest Hammock with Mosquito Net for Jungle

Everest Hammock with Mosquito Net for Jungle

Everest Active Gear is a great fit for outdoor activity.

It comes with an integrated bug net. It is made using ​ripstop diamond weave nylon, which is durable and lasts longer. The colours used for this hammock can camouflage well by blending into surroundings for extra, military grade cover-up.

The durable 100% 210T taffeta parachute has a high tensile strength and is breathable. It can easily hold up to 400 lbs. At 10ft long and 6ft wide, it is perfect for two people.

​Made from heavy grade polyester 31gm fabric and 2100 holes per square inch, the hammock provides a good shield with no mosquitoes or bugs sneaking inside.

It is easy to set-up and is fully reversible. The full instructions guide will help you step-by-step for a hassle free set-up. It has strong straps that can be easily fastened to any sturdy trees or poles.

The hammock comes with a full 30-day return policy with a money back guarantee.


6) Snugpak Jungle Hammock

Snugpak Jungle Hammock

Snugpak Jungle Hammock

A hammock, which is simply one of the best for an outdoor adventure. It is made using quality material making it long-lasting, light-weight and tear and scratch resistant.

This jungle hammock with mosquito net in Olive camouflages well in jungles. It is about 9 feet x 4 feet 8 inches and can lift 400 pounds. The mosquito net is built into the product, which means that it does not have to be carried separately.

The jungle hammock comes with four pieces of 10 feet long guy ropes and a suspension attachment. It is easy to set-up and lift off after use.


7) HongXingHai-in-1 Hammock

HongXingHai-in-1 Forest Hammock

HongXingHai-in-1 Forest Hammock

This hammock with an optional mosquito net is an excellent companion for Army persons.

The hammock provides protection from rain and wind as it comes with a rainfly cover. Its long hem of the outer tent is designed to prevent the rain from seeping in.

It does not make you feel trapped inside as the gap between the outer tent and hammock is more than 7.9 inches and this ensures air circulation.

The optional mosquito net ensures that mosquitoes and bugs do not trouble you when you are inside the hammock.

It weighs only 3.5lbs and has a weight capacity of 440lb. A size of 106 * 55 inches makes it suitable for backpacking.

It is easy to set-up as it is equipped with hook holder and has adjustable tree straps. The hammock is supported with strong rope and aluminum alloy studs and this avoids rollovers.


8) Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent

Lawson Hammock for Jungle

Lawson Hammock for Jungle

This jungle hammock tops the list when it comes to hammock for jungle. Backpacker, Outside and American Survival Guide has rated it No. 1, making it a winner of the prestigious ‘Gear of the Year’ award.

This hammock comes with a patented design with a unique arch pole/spreader bar system. This system makes it the best hammock between two objects or trees.

It is versatile in nature as it fits camping; car camping, backpacking, bike camping, jungle adventure etc.

Normally, hammocks have a cocoon or a banana effect created, which is uncomfortable for a user but the design of this hammock delivers a flatter bed to sleep on eliminating that effect.

The jungle hammock and tent comes with detachable/waterproof rainfly and bug netting to keep you bug safe.

It is durable, portable, sturdy and everything that makes it one of the best choices available.


9) ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters Jungle Nest Hammock

ENO Jungle Nest Hammock

ENO Jungle Nest Hammock

This hammock comes along with a bug net. It is about 6″ high and 6″ wide making it a comfortable option to choose for jungle activity.

The Jungle Nest Hammock comes with an ENO hammock with a 950-square-inch, super-fine, SkyWeave mesh net. The net will not allow even the smallest bug to crawl up. Due to its full-length side zipper; it is easy to get in and come out.

Made from 210D nylon taffeta ripstop material and heavy-duty triple stitched seams, the hammock is long-lasting and sturdy. It can easily support up to 400 pounds.

The Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners and nautical grade line with stainless-steel snap links allows a user to easily secure this hammock to a sturdy tree or poles.

It is portable, light-weight and easy to lift and travel with.


10) Military Style Jungle Hammock

Military Style Jungle Hammock

Military Style Jungle Hammock

This outdoor camping hammock comes with an elevated shelter with a roof. This allows better protection while sleeping out in open.

The material used for this gives high-tensile strength to the hammock that can support a considerable weight of 220 lb.

It measures 78″ x 30″ x 20″, which means that it provides enough room for an adult to sleep or lounge in.

The mesh netting will keep you free from bugs and mosquitoes at night or during the day. The elevated roof is nylon coated and you do not have to worry about rains with this one.

The heavy canvas floor allows a user to sleep comfortably with better support. It comes with attached ropes and clews so that it can be easily secured to a sturdy tree or poles. It is extremely light-weight and easy to carry or store.


Hammocks are the ideal way out when you need a comfortable night’s sleep in the outdoors. Lightweight and portable; hammocks are just right for bushcraft, camping and military use. These are a great fit for all kinds of climates.