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Best Lay Flat Hammocks Even Stomach Sleepers Can Enjoy – 2023

best lay flat hammocks setup

Hammocks have a ton of great benefits, but some people just never get comfortable in them.  We’ll admit it, the banana curvature of a hammock isn’t for everyone.  There are ways to get more comfortable in a hammock, but many people just need a flat surface to sleep on.

Luckily, in the last decade the hammock innovators and entrepreneurs have been hard at work to design a flat hammock that even stomach sleepers can enjoy.

The best lay flat hammocks have been winning awards from places like Outside Magazine and Backpacker Magazine almost every year.  Old school hammock campers have been slow to adopt them, but they are serious pieces of equipment that open up new possibilities.

Best Lay Flat Hammocks

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge

best lay flat hammocks
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The Blue Ridge Flat Hammock by Lawson Hammocks is one of the original flat hammocks, and it’s still the best.  They hold the patents for the spreader bars and arch poles that made flat hammocks work.

Amazingly, this hammock hangs with just two ropes like a normal hammock.  It’s quite a fit of engineering to make it stable.  It’s nearly impossible to tip over.

It offers better protection from bugs and bad weather then other flat hammocks, and is comfortable enough to sleep in for long trips.

We love that it’s simple (not over-engineered), light weight, and comfortable.  It packs up easily and you can tell it was designed by someone who camps a lot.  Just look at how well it packs up.  Here is the entire setup, in less of a footprint than a tent.

Lawson Hammock Arc Poles and Rainfly

With the ridge line and mosquito net assembled, you have a Lawson Hammock Tent that basically a tiny house among the trees.

How To Set Up a Lawson Hammock

Haven Tent Hammock

This is a new design that came from a successful lay flat hammock Kickstarter campaign.  Sure, it looks a little funny but who cares when you’re having the best sleep of your life in the middle of the woods.

It’s a different concept than the Lawson Hammocks that takes a little longer to set up but worth the extra weight and time for most people.  First you lay out the tent structure like this:

one of the best lay flat hammock tents, the Haven Tent Hammock being set up

Then you put in the sleeping pad, which (in addition to being super comfortable) actually provides some of the rigidity and structure to the system, along with the poles that slide in through the sides and across the ridgeline of the hammock.

best hammock for front sleepers and side sleepers

Here’s the best haven tent hammock review we’ve seen:

What we love so much about hammock camping is that you can have CONSISTENT sleep anywhere.  With tents camping you have tons of variables, based on the slope, contour, and hardness of the ground.  Hammocks provide the same experience anywhere, and nowhere is this more true than with a Haven Tent Hammock.

Unfortunately, these still weigh as much as a tent so they’re not the best for long backpacking or through-hiking trips.  They also cost more than the Blue Ridge hammock above.

But the Haven Tent Hammock is great for a great night sleep for fishing, hunting, canoe, or kayaking trips.

Haven Tent XL (Forest Camo)- Complete Lay-Flat Hammock Tent for Camping - Includes Insulated Pad and Rainfly - 80"x30"

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Color Forest Camo
Size XL - 80"x30"

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Warbonnet Ridgerunner Lay Flat Hammock

warbonnet ridgerunner lay flat hammock

If you’re researching Lay Flat Hammocks, Warbonnet Ridgerunner is going to come up a lot.  It’s very popular with the hard-core hammock campers, even though it’s not a traditional camping hammock.

The saddle bags are an amazing feature that holds all your gear inside the bug net.  They’re huge compartments on both sides of the hammock.  VERY handy, especially because there’s no ridgeline that is typically used by hammock campers for gear storage.

The Warbonnet hammock also has an integrated pad compartment so you can bring your own sleeping pad and won’t slide out under you, like in most camping hammocks.  This makes it great for fall and early spring camping as well because there’s so much room for underquilt insulation.

It’s not as flat as the Lawson tent but it is probably more stable.  It’s a very nice, comfortable tent for back sleepers and side sleepers.

You also won’t be as claustrophobic in the hammock, compared to other camping hammocks that don’t give you much room to read or move around.  The Ridgerunner is pretty generous with with headroom, and that makes it easier to get in and out as well.

Best Traditional Flat Hammock With Spreader Bars

The flat camping hammocks above are a new concept, but if you love naps in the backyard, you’ve probably known about flat hammocks for a long time.

Sure, these hammocks have some curve to them, but most people find them much better for sleeping than banana style hammocks like these.

These are also the best hammocks for multiple people, kids, big and large people, and sun bathing.

Algoma Rope Hammock

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Without a doubt, the best backyard flat hammock for sleeping (especially for tall people) is the Algoma 11 Ft Rope Hammock.  The extra length is what makes this flatter then other hammocks of this style.  This hammock is actually flat enough for side sleepers and even stomach sleepers.

Comes with a sturdy, good looking backyard hammock stand that’s big enough for the large, 11 ft hammock.  This is a popular hammock at L.L. Bean.  It’s easy to put together with no tools, you’ll be napping in no time.

Best Lay Flat Hammock For Kids

Klymit Lay Flat Hammock

This is a really unique concept that we love, though we feel like they have some improvements to make.  The Klymit Flat Hammock reviews agree that the material sags too much, and it’s difficult to find the right place to hang it.

But it is super comfortable, fun, and easy to get in and out of.  This is a fun backyard reader or hammock for kids.  It has potential to be a really great flat lay camping hammock in the future, let’s see where they go with it.

Klymit Lay Flat Portable Hammock for Camping, 127 by 47 In

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as of July 20, 2024 3:35 pm


  • Includes: Klimt lay-flat outdoor hammock, spreader poles, tree-friendly straps and carabiners
  • Camp Hammock: Designed to provide a stable and relaxing sleep experience, our heavy-duty hammock boasts a durable fabric construction engineered to support up to 300 pounds
  • Innovative Design: Portable folding hammock comes equipped with spreader poles that create an open, even surface for a stable, relaxing sleep experience
  • Customizable Configurations: Dual adjustable foot straps and wings allow you to alter the position of this travel hammock vertically and horizontally
  • Compact Camping Hammock: Our lightweight tree hammock packs down small and weigh only 2.9 pounds; Throw our portable tree hammocks for outside into your car, pack, or RV and go


If you’re not happy with camping hammocks, and wake up with a sore back – you should try one of the best lay flat hammocks above.  These can work even for side sleepers and stomach sleepers, and are more comfortable than traditional camping hammocks for a lot of people.

There is a weight penalty compared to the best light-weight hammocks, but your sleep is worth it.

Winter camping?  There’s also gear available that will help you stay warm.


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