Can I Go Camping During Coronavirus Outbreak?

camping during coronavirus outbreak

With millions of people off-work and isolated for the near future, we are sure to get a little stir crazy cooped up indoors.  Fresh air and exercise will be important for most of us to stay healthy and get through the coronavirus pandemic.

And what better way to practice ‘Social Distancing’ than deep in the forest with a hammock and great book.  Indeed, spending the next few months fishing, hunting, and camping alone or with a small group would be very tempting. Many of us are asking, can my family and I go camping during coronavirus shutdowns?

Many State and National Parks are closing their visitor centers, but so far the parks themselves remain open.  If you follow a few simple rules, you’re sure to be safer isolated in the woods than among society.  What better way to pass a crisis?

In fact, maybe this is just the kind of crisis many of us needed.  Here are the main reasons for battling the virus in the woods:

  1. The virus doesn’t do well on natural surfaces.
  2. What’s more socially distant than the wilderness?
  3. UV light kills the virus
  4. It’s more fun than being holed up at home
  5. You won’t unknowingly spread the virus to your elderly loved ones

Camp Coronavirus: Where to Wait It Out

Don’t think you can go to your nearest campground and be safe sharing facilities with other campers.  Being safe during the COVID-19 Outbreak will be a much greater (and epic!) adventure.

Plan a major through-hike or off-grid adventure without modern facilities.  This is true, eagle scout style camping.  Brush up on survival skills and get ready to be uncomfortable.  You will be challenged in the months ahead, but you will also be challenged staying home so you might as well have the adventure of your lifetime.

What to Avoid Camping During The Pandemic

Camping during the outbreak will require a very remote destination and large forest.  There are likely to be other campers and popular campgrounds as the outbreak drags on.  People will flood these campgrounds to get out of cities, and unfortunately a few sick people will also go to campgrounds to isolate themselves from families.

Campgrounds are not safe from Coronavirus.

True, outback camping is the only way to protect yourself from becoming a spreader when camping during coronavirus pandemic.  The deeper in the wilderness for as long as you feel comfortable.

If this is all an overreaction and things turn to normal, then so what?  You had an incredible adventure and escaped society when it was likely at its worse.  You also didn’t contribute to the spread of coronavirus while you removed yourself from society.

Can Bugs Spread The Coronavirus?

No, there is no indication that any bugs can spread Coronavirus.  The virus is spread from human to human contact so if you get out in nature you should be safe from the virus.

However, it is possible that the virus can spread through fecal matter so make sure you are properly burying your waste and making sure your water sources are clean.

To ensure you have safe drinking water, we recommend a filter like this.

How Long Does Coronavirus Last on Surfaces?

Covid-19 can live for 2-3 days on hard, metal surfaces like metal but natural surfaces found in the woods are far less viable for the virus.  Even wood acts totally different in its natural form since the virus does better on smooth flat surfaces.  The virus is unlikely to survive in dirt, tree bark, in flowing water, or other natural surfaces.

Pandemic Camping List

  • Water Filtration Device
  • Sanitary Wipes
  • Hunting Gear
  • Fishing Gear
  • Camping Hammock
  • Camping Stove
  • First Aid Kit
  • Foraging Book
  • Survival Book

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