How to Keep Yourself Warm in the Extreme Cold Weather During Adventure Trips

How to Keep Yourself Warm

Travelling to snowy areas for a weekend getaway or for the Christmas vacations is such an exciting idea. Especially if you crave camping, trekking, hiking, bonfire and the fun night outs in the cold weather, choosing a snowy destination for the next adventure trip is perfect.

However, if you are visiting a destination where the climate often gets extremely arctic, it’s important to plan stuff ahead. you have to try to be as warm as possible to survive without getting sick. To thrive while camping in extreme temperatures, grab some important gears and tools and keep yourself warm. If you think you’re still missing something, check this ultimate guide that will help you sustain the chilly weather.

4 Survival Tips You Can Follow to Keep Yourself Warm in Extreme Cold Weather

1) Layer your Body with Warm Outfits

There’s no bad weather, there’s simply bad clothing. If you pack your outfits wisely, you can probably survive the most horrifying weather. Fill your backpack with sweaters, jackets, thermal outfits, socks, gloves, scarves, hats and shoes. Don’t forget to layer your body with warm and cozy outfits.

Start layering form head to toe. Wear those bulky jeans, wear t-shirt and layer it with 2-3 jackets if it’s too cold; carry your hand gloves, beanie hat and woolen socks to stay warm. Also make sure that you feel breathable and not stuck in the clothes. Use hand and foot warmers if you have some extra space in your backpack and stay warm.

2) Get a Hammock Underquilt

you might not want to load up your backpack with extra heavy tents and sleeping bags during your travel. also some tents and sleeping bags are not capable to provide intense insulation from cold. In such a scenario, a hammock under quilt is a light and multipurpose option for your adventure trip backpack.

The hammock under quilt is available in nylon and ripsop fabrics and can provide fine insulation during the chilly nights.  The adjustable cords will help you settle down quickly while the easy installation process will save your time. You can use the under quilt as a hammock or as a warming sleeping bag and wrap it up in minutes. Thus, choose the best hammock under quilt you can count on for your next thrilling rip.

3) Drink a Lot of Luke Warm Water

it is extremely important to stay hydrated during your trips especially when you are planning to go for long hiking or trekking trips. Drinking enough water will keep your blood moving and during cold weather proper blood flow is needed. The best way to drink water is to store luke warm water in an insulated bottle and drink at several intervals.

Make sure you stay away from caffeinated or alcoholic drinks during the trek as these drinks can result into dehydration. Thus, to improve blood flow and to feel warm, drink a lot of luke warm water.

4) Don’t Hold on Your Pee 🙂

Undoubtedly, waking up for peeing at 3 am is the worst thing ever but trust us, avoiding the nature call while on an adventure trip to a frozen area is even worst. Your body spends a lot of energy to keep your urine warm and thus, you should go and relieve yourself to save some energy to heat your body. controlling pee will make you feel cold and achy. Don’t hesitate and go out to urinate immediately to stay warm throughout the night.

These are the most important ways you can keep yourself warm and cozy. Apart from this, remember to ditch cotton and wear woolen outfits, carry hot water bottle, and keep high calorie snack bars and food items with you to make the most of your adventure trip!


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