How to Macrame a Hammock – A DIY Guide To The Craft

Showing you how to macrame a hammock diy as a home craft

Macrame is one of the oldest techniques that have been used for centuries to make home décor items, furniture, plant décor, etc. If you want a comfortable DIY hammock you can be proud of, you need to know how to macramé a hammock. Best of all, you can prepare your relaxing hammock at home by purchasing a few things.

It is about knotting and this skill is used by many people to decorate their garden with a hammock porch. You can use a hammock in your little one’s room or decorate your garden with an amazing macramé hammock chair. You can practice macramé knotting on spare threads first to be a perfectionist while preparing your macramé chair.

Macrame brings a lot of memories of the ’70s. People from that time used to have things that they mathematically prepared and decorated their houses with it. Macrame is a technique that is used to make sweaters and a lot of other things.

Macrame is not complicated; it just requires the absolute technique to make cute things out of it. You can easily make a hammock at your own home with the help of the following steps.

What You Need To Macramé a Hammock

  • Sewing Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • 5/8 inch bit
  • 41 inch of wood screws
  • 8 yards, ½ inch rope
  • 200 yards, ¼ macramé cord
  • 25/8 inch hardwood dowels (36 inches long)
  • 31 ¼ inch hardwood dowels (30 inches long)

How To Macron A Hammock in 10 Steps

Dowel measurement

Dowel Measurement for how to macrame a hammock

You need to make sure that the holes are equally measured and lined up to make a perfect square.

You need to make the measurements very carefully because the complete thing depends on the right measurement.


You need to perfectly drill the holes in shape to make it look clean. You can first start with the small
holes and then make them the right way. Holes should be made in a way that you can easily put the
ropes inside it.


Now, you need to sand the holes to remove extra sprinkles that happened due to drilling. Clearing the extras is important as it will make your hammock look clean and well designed. If you want a clean and perfectly made hammock you need to follow these instructions carefully.

Slide them together

You need to slide the dowels together. Make a square shape with the dowels and secure the dowels with screws. This step requires a lot of concentration because you need to slide the dowels perfectly and secure them with screws.

Hang it

Before you start the macramé, you can hang the frame somewhere where you can comfortably stand or sit down. Hanging it on a wall or anything will give you a rough idea about your hammock. You must hang it at a place where you are comfortable because this is where you will start making cords.


You need to make a cord and wrap it around the dowel. Take extra pieces because the cord will become short once you make a knot with it. You need to make a square knot and cross it over. You can make the cord as per the design you want.

macrame hammock around dowel with chordsCrossing the cords

This is the main process that makes a perfect hammock with a macramé technique. Take the end of the right cord to the left the same with the other side. You can make about seven cords and then cross the over. Right one from the left one and the left one from the right.

Continue with the knotting

Continue doing the knotting thing until you see the seat measurement about 45-inches and attach the seat to the frame. Keep knotting until you get the height of it to be what you expected. Once you are satisfied with the inches of knotting you can stop.

Cut a rope of half-inch

Cut the ½ inch rope and tie it in a way that it creates a loop. Attach the rope to the dowels and see if it’s going in the right direction. Half inches of rope needs to be tied at four of the ends of the dowel and make sure that you secure it tightly so that your hammock is durable.

Hang the dowel and the rope

Hang the macramé hammock on a wall and it’s ready to use. You can enjoy your handmade hammock.  You can hang the hammock with a tree or anywhere where you want it to be hanged. You can use it for decoration in the garden area as well.

making a diy hammock from scratch

Here’s a Full Macrame Hammock Tutorial


You can take your macramé hammock to the camping and show it off. You will get many of them online
and at the stores but if you want your own designed macramé hammock, you can make it at home.

Making a macramé hammock is not very difficult; you just need patience and practice to make it at your
place. A person from the ’70s knows a lot about it as in their time they used t macramé a lot of things. It was like a trend in those days.

To make a basic hammock, you need to think about what design you want and then you can make it with a list of things. Macrame is a centuries-old method that requires some mathematical skills and practice. After making a hammock, check it properly and cut the extra rope from the corners.


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