How to Tie Hammock Straps Like a Pro

How To Tie Hammock Straps

Do you buy the hammock for the first time and looking for ways on how to tie hammock straps? No worries, this post covers the exact problem with proven solution.

Hammock is a hot favorite travel gear that gives you liberty of sleeping like you are at home. The best thing about it is that you can set it up almost anywhere, you just need to find two anchor points at safe distance and with hammock straps you can tie both ends easily.

In this article, we are going to learn the right way of hanging a hammock with straps and trees.

Hammock straps are also called a webbing, a kind of suspension system that is eco-friendly. Modern straps are not harmful to trees which makes them better option than rope.

Of course, it is easy to tie hammock straps but following below tips can actually enhance the level of comfort and safety.

Step by Step Guide on How to Use Or Tie Hammock Straps?

Some hammocks come with attached straps, in that case you just need to think of how to tie hammock straps with trees.

Follow below steps –

Step 1 – Wrap your strap around the tree. Make sure you place it at the right height.


Step 2 – Pass the lose end through the loop on the opposite end.


Step 3 – Now, pull the end with anchor point to tighten the straps with tree.


Step 4 – Once the strap firmly attached around the tree, hook your carabiner in the anchor point of your hammock and you’re good to go.


Moreover, modern hammocks of different brands come with multiple loops where you can place carabiner to adjust the level and it also ease the process of attaching hammock with straps and trees.

So, this is how you can tie hammock straps to ensure better safety without causing harm to trees.

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