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How To Set Up a Hammock Tarp

Hammocks are very easy to set up, you can set them up without touching a wet ground. A hammock is preferred by people as they are safer. Unfortunately, not ...

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Hook is an essential part of the hammock. It bridges the gap between hammock lace and straps and let you swing safely. There are different types of hooks are available in the market to meet different styles of hammock.


Lace is something where you can hold the hook and tie the hammock with straps on the other side. Especially in the rope hammock you will find an artistic use of lace.


Fabric is the most important part of your hammock bed, after all it is going to carry your weight. Thus, it should of higher quality and durable. There are different hammock fabric materials available in the market like nylon, cotton, polyester, duracord, etc. Choose one as per your requirements for better hammock experience.