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Best Hammock Straps – Mega Review 2023

Best Hammock Straps

Didn’t get straps with your hammock? No worries, check this detailed review post on best hammock straps will help you to buy only the best options available on Amazon.

Getting the right suspension system is the most essential thing for any hammock user as it ensures smooth hanging and holds you at secure level off the ground.

Thus, choosing the right set of hammock straps would be a wise idea.

As a camper or hiker, leaving any signs of your presence behind would be the worst thing. And, hanging a hammock on the tree using a rope can leave marks which is not good for your safety. Thus, you need to think of a better alternative and which is tree straps. Quality hanging hammock straps help you to suspend your swing securely without making any marks of your presence.

However, all hammocks do not come with the pair of straps and thus you need to buy hammock straps separately.

So now, the question is how to choose the good hammock straps? What things should be considered while buying hammock straps?

No worries, below details will help you to make a better decision –


Ideally, you should carry longer straps (approximate 14ft) on your camping trips. It works well even if you are not familiar with the destination you are going to visit.

Besides it, always practice to buy a lightweight hammock strap which should be enough strong to carry your weight and easy to pack.

Weight Capacity

For single hammockers, lightweight straps would be the best option, as they are easy to carry and don’t weigh you down with the extra load on your back.

If you are thinking to go on camping, hiking, backpacking trips with your partner, then you should think of thick and strong straps from reputed hammock brands.

In brief, you need to shop only those hammock straps which are able to lift your weight.


Always practice to buy great adjustable hammock straps which are designed to cater multiple anchor points. Such a suspension system helps you to hang your hammock anywhere you want.


If you are going to spend a long time in the hammock during your adventure trip, then durable hammock straps would be your best bet.

It holds you up for a longer time and makes sure that you don’t sleep down from the hammock on the ground.

Extra Extensions

There are plenty of hammock accessories available which you can carry with you for comfortable hammocking.

So, you should carry only those strap extensions which are lightweight and need little space in your pack.


Having the right knowledge about different types of suspension systems help you to choose best straps.

There are three types of suspension systems such as;

  • Daisy Chain (Best for beginners as it requires no knots)
  • Tree Straps (One knot suspension system)
  • Single Line Suspension (Most complicated)

Well, now you know how to choose the best straps for hammock without compromising on quality.

So, now it’s time to look at some of the good straps options available on Amazon.

2023 Best Hammock Straps Reviewed

In this guide, we have reviewed 15 different hammock straps performed well for many users in 2022 and also expected to stay in great demand even in 2023

1) ENO Atlas Straps by Eagles Nest Outfitters

This is one of the paramount products for people who love vacationing. The ENO eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas straps ensure safety as these are triple stitched and are crafted with durable loops. Also the fabric used in construction is tightly stitched polyester that won’t loosen or stretch when used multiple times.

There are 15 loops and 9 feet long straps that can bind trees located far away. The weight bearing capacity is up to 400 pounds and are light weight. This is what makes it one of the most popular and reliable straps to hang a hammock.

From the fabric to the number of loops, from its stretch resistance ability to its weight bearing capacity, everything about these straps is persuasive.ENO Atlas Straps by Eagles Nest Outfitters

2) ENO SlapStrap Suspension System

For the hammock lovers who carry their hanging bed or chair everywhere, Eno SlapStraps are long lasting and sustainable option. They are known for its durability because tightly woven nylon fabric is used for preparing these straps. It can be used for distance up to 7 feet and there are 4 adjustment points on each strap for reducing or increasing the length.

One of the best features is that it can be used with almost every type of hammocks and thus, it is an ideal option for people looking a highly compatible pair of straps and suspension system.

The highlighting features of ENO SlapStrap are infinite compatibility, high quality fabric and long lastingness.

3) Emerald Mountain XL Hammock Tree Straps Set

This hammock tree strap set is 1 inch wide and 12 feet long. It can easily bear the weight of 2 people and provides the needed stretch without bending too much. These are long lasting straps because they don’t appear chaffed or torn out after multiple uses and are heavy duty.

The set comes with 2 free locking carabiners that easily complement different hammocks from portable single hammock to double parachute hammocks. There are 20 attachment loops which make the installation easier.

It resists sagging and also offers perfect suspension and grip. It is designed to provide utmost comfort and full-body rest for adventure lovers.

4) Wise Owl Outfitters Straps for Hammock (20ft Long)

This is a multipurpose hammock strap set perfect for setting up a hammock in the front porch, at beaches, in a yard, in a garden and such places. The highlighting features of these straps are reliability and strength.

Forget about those faulty and weak straps because these are crafted to last for years. It is made up of high quality fabric and are stitched with into multiple loops. The quality of straps is visible as it consists of reinforced stitches at all the connection points.

The package comes with 2 straps, 2 D-shade carabiners, and a carry bag for effective packaging. It takes less than a minute for installation of the suspension system and hammock is ready to use.Wise Owl Outfitters Straps for Hammock

5) Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock Straps (14ft Long)

People looking for long and easy to set-up straps should consider the Nature’s Hangout Hangtight Hammock straps as it takes no more than a minute or two for setting up. This is also one of the most intuitive and easy to understand suspension system for beginners.

These are 10-14 feet long and thus, they can be used for trees or poles wide apart. The anchors and straps are highly adjustable and provide stretch resistance. The suspension system can be used for huge rocks, trees located at a wider distance docks etc.

The straps are made using polyester and thus can be used in rains and heat without any damage concerns. On the whole, these straps are highly dependable and durable.Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock Straps

6) Foxelli Camping Hammock Tree Straps Set (XL Size)

The Foxelli hammock straps are light to carry and come with a storage bag that can be used for backpacking the hammocks for adventure trips.

The entire set weighs only 1.2lbs and super light for camping and hiking backpacking. The straps are 10ft long which means, it can easily bind 2 trees or poles located at quite a huge distance and are tree safe. The straps are provided with 40 attachment loops which make the installation quick and more comfy.

However, the carabiners are small compared to the other carabiners available and due to this, it might not turn completely compatible with all the hammocks. On an average, the strap set is durable and easy to carry.Foxelli Camping Hammock Tree Straps Set

7) Levi Industrial Hammock Straps Review 

This is the most high quality and heavy duty hammock strap available in the market that guarantees long term service. These are built with using heavy duty fabric that can bear up to 400 lbs weight.  Without stretching or sagging, these hammock strap brand offers complete comfort and elevation.

There are no knots and no learning guide for setting up these straps and thus, within minutes, the hammock can be prepared.  The straps hold up the weight very well and thus are quite dependable.

8) Hikeguru Hammock Straps with Buckle System

There are ample of hammock straps available in the market. How to identify the best and choose the most compatible one? The HikeGuru hammock straps come with a cool metallic buckle system instead of the loops which provides best grip and adjusts perfectly with the trees and other tools.

These are heavy duty straps that are widely compatible with almost all of the hammocks and require less than a minute for setup. The buckle system eliminates the risk of loop tear or breakage and offers reliable support.

These products are super light and weigh just 0.8 lbs. which makes the straps easy to carry during travelling. These are safe, stronger and modern hammock accessory that is a must have for hammock lovers.Hikeguru Hammock Straps with Buckle System

9) Rallt Adjustable Suspension Kit (20ft Long)

One of the biggest problems with hammocks is sagging. Within days of purchasing a new hammock, the straps become loose and make the hammock sag. This reduces the comfort and doesn’t offer required elevation. To eliminate this issue, the Rallt Hammock tree straps are the best pick.

The material used in manufacturing is highly reliable and super strong. It remains unchanged and unaffected by extreme weather conditions and thus is the best strap set for adventure tours.

The 36 carabiner loops offer flexibility and adjustment. The users can adjust the hammock as per their convenience and rely on the strong support system.  The product weighs 11.7 ounces in total and is extremely light to carry.Rallt Adjustable Suspension Kit

10) Bear Butt Portable Hammock Straps (XL)

Bear butt hammock straps are soft, sturdy and can prevent any wear and tear caused by rigorous usage of climatic conditions. These 10 feet straps assure to bear 1000lbs weight without hunching the hammock towards the ground. These are highly resistance free and versatile to provide required comfort.

For people who love going to trips every weekend, this suspension kit is a long lasting and light weight option. The kit comes with multiple loops which makes it highly adjustable.

This is a modern camping gear to chill during your adventure trips without any worry. This 13oz suspension kit will settle in your backpack without hurting your back.Bear Butt Portable Hammock Straps

11) Pro Venture Hammock Tree Straps (11ft Long)

For the people who are tired of adjusting and setting the hammock for hours, this product comes as boon. Pro hammock tree straps are easy to install and simple. Within a minute, it can be adjusted and the hammock gets ready.

For hassle free set up, the set also comes with 300 loop anchors. The straps are highly capable of handling weight up to 400 lbs without sagging and falling off.  These are compatible with different hammock models available in the market and versatile enough to be used with different objects like trees, solid hard rocks, poles etc.

These non stretch straps are safely stitched and are highly reliable.Pro Venture Hammock Tree Straps

12) Favofit Ultralight Hammock Suspension Hanging Kit

Looking for heavy duty and light weight hammock straps? Go for Favofit XL Hammock strap set that comes with 2 carabiners and 40 loops for perfect setup. These are made up of high quality fabric complements different types of hammocks and can withstand up to 1400lbs weight.

These straps never let the hammock fall down and safely support the weight. The straps weight only 1lb and are suitable for long hiking and camping destinations.

The best quality of these straps is the resistance towards stretch and non-saggy elevation. Compared to the other low stretch straps, these are offering comfort and strength to hold weight of 2 or more people.Favofit Ultralight Hammock Suspension Hanging Kit


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