Definitive Guide on How to Sleep in a Hammock

How to Sleep in a Hammock

How to sleep in a hammock? Well, if you know the right trick then hammock would be your best place to spend some quality time with yourself and your loved one. The portable design gives you more freedom of carrying it anywhere you want and requires few minutes to set it up.

Sleeping in a hammock at the beach or spending a night under the dark sky full of stars is fun.

Moreover, having the right knowledge of sleeping in a hammock with the best posture would help you to avail its therapeutic benefits as well. Experts said that swinging in a hammock can improve your sleep, treats insomnia, cures autism in kids,  and the right posture can even take care of your back.

Choose a hammock considering your height and weight. Then, do set up the hammock properly and lay down at a good angle as per your comfort to ensure better sleep.

Surprisingly, so many experts and scholars have mentioned the benefits of sleeping in a hammock in their studies. It is something that people around the world have acknowledged and embraced their love for hanging swings.

Bad experiences in a hammock usually due to two things, using a hammock that is poorly manufactured or designed or simply sleeping in wrong postures in the hammock.

So, let us go through the points mentioned below to understand how to sleep in a hammock properly or is sleeping in a hammock bad for your back.

How to Sleep in a Hammock to Support your Back in a Good Way?

Hang the Hammock Properly

Don’t hang it too tight or too low, as because you surely need plenty of curve in it for relaxing in a hammock. Secondly, hang the hammock between 2 trees at least 12 to 15 feet (3.7 to 4.6 m) apart.

One thing that you need to pay attention is the trees or poles are good and can stand firm on themselves and will not sway or move due to wind or weather. Use hammock rope and wide webbing or bungee cords to secure the hammock to the poles.

Do Make Sure that there is a Deep Curve in the Hammock

The hammock should never be left too tight, as this can make it difficult to relax while you sleep. When in doubt, the experts say that always hang at least 12 to 18 inches to make the hammock lose, with a good and round curve from pole to pole, so it (30 to 46 cm) from the ground level.

Take a Pillow

Put a pillow and a blanket in the hammock for comfort. Treat the hammock like a bed and include comforting details like a small pillow and a warm blanket. You can also use an extra pillow to elevate your knees for better comfort and lower back support.

Consider the Weather

If a person is sleeping in hammock outside somewhere in a park or a garden, one should wear warm sleeping clothes like long sleeves, socks, long under wears, a bikini or a hat to resist the sunlight.

Shelter your Hammock

Have a tarp on hand for protection from wind and rain. Make sure that if you are enjoying hammock outdoor, you get a weatherproof tarp within reaching a distance of the hammock. To protect it from getting wet or battered by the wind, you can then lay the tarp over the hammock as needed.  Just make sure it covers the entire hammock.

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Get your accessories, before you settle in for the night. Add a pillow (or clothing-stuffed sack if camping), blanket or sleeping bag, and socks, long underwear and base layer (even in warm climates) for a good sleep in a hammock, you will want a blanket large enough to wrap your body.

Angle In

You will most probably try to lay parallel to the hanging bed if this is your first time sleeping in a hammock. This is wrong. Start out diagonally, with your feet and head pressing out to expand the hammock, for the most comfortable position. Sleeping on a correct angle also helps when you need relaxing in a hammock with a partner.

Wrap up

The image that one confronts after seeing a hammock is of a sunny day but hammocks are also designed for cool nights and these can turn cold without a little wrap in the blanket. It also protects you from mosquitos and other insects.

Chill Out

One can also push feet out, move around a little bit, to wrap the body completely. Now that the person is wrapped and starting to relax, take a moment to get really settled in. Position the pillow in accordance with your maximum comfort. If one wants to settle in, just crash in your first pose. Soon you will find yourself drifting off dreaming of beaches and surf.

How to Lay in a Hammock for a Better Sleep?

  • Sit down in the middle of the hammock.
  • Lay down diagonally on your back, slightly off center to sleep without any back pain.
  • Until you feel cradled in the fabric, slide up or down on the hammock.
  • Place a pillow or a rolled-up blanket under your knees to protect your back.
  • Wrap yourself up in the hammock fabric or a blanket to stay warm.


Sleeping in a hammock is very easy and also very healthy, you just need to know small tricks on how to sleep in a hammock without causing backpain. Hope you find this guide helpful, if so then don’t forget to share it or rate it below.


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