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How To Set Up a Hammock Tarp

Hammocks are very easy to set up, you can set them up without touching a wet ground. A hammock is preferred by people as they are safer.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to set up a hammock tarp – the most critical piece to staying dry.

To set up the plan we need two things, a hammock tarp and a bug net. Both of the things are important especially when you have a plan for days. Hammock tarp setup is not difficult at all; you just need to know the right technique and you are halfway to set up the hammock tarp. 

Most of you think that a hammock tarp is only useful in case of rain but it’s not just raining that it saves you from. It has a roof that is specially designed to protect you from insects, leaves, rain, etc. Hammock tarps are also useful to keep humid away and help create an environment that is full of relaxation as well as comfort. To set up a hammock you must require two trees but those trees are not enough to keep you away from harmful sun rays, in that case, a hammock tarp is most needed.

How to set up a hammock tarp

You can set up your hammock tarp as per your needs. There are various ways in which you can set up the hammock tarp. You just need the perfect information on it and you are not away from being at the best adventure of your life. Following mentioned tips will help you to set up the tarp in various ways:

Classic method

This is also known as the sloped roof way. As the name of it suggest, it goes the same way. You need to rig your tarp about a meter away from the hammock and it should not be built softly. Now you need to peg the sides to the ground in a way that it is even as well as asymmetrical. This is the easiest way to set up the tarp. If you master this method, you will be able to set up the tarp in all the other ways. You should choose your tarp by looking for price, size, and comfort. 

Triangular method

This is the best tarp for winds; you can go for this setup in case of windy conditions. Instead of the basic rectangular shape, you should focus more on the diamond shape of your tarp. Setting up in this way, it will be difficult for wind to take it off. You need to make angles in it. Angle 1 and 3 should be tied together and angle 2 and 4. Then you can tie it to the ground just like the basic tarp. You can use your own pitch to set up the tarp properly. You can easily customize your tarp as per the weather conditions.

Porch method

You need to position the setup as you would in the classic method. Two angles need to be tied to the ground while the other two should be with the tarp, supported by any elements like wooden sticks. This is the best method in case of rain as one side will be covered. This is the best method for rainy conditions; you need to be prepared for the weather conditions as they might happen. Under quilt, tarps are the best but are a little expensive and you will surely not regret buying it because it is secure and durable.

What kind of tarps to look for

There are different sizes of tarps that are available in the market. It depends on person to person that which size of tarps are they comfortable with. You should look for some factors before buying a tarp such as a price, weight, space, durability, etc. Large tarps help to provide you more space as well as privacy where you can easily change your clothes. Large tarps are suitable for the winter season as they offer you protection against harsh weather conditions.

In the moderate weather conditions, any tarp is suitable as you do not require protection against harsh weather conditions. Choosing tarp is not difficult, you need proper guidance and you are all set for it. Just a hammock is not enough if you are looking for comfort with enjoyment. You can select the hammock from various colors, according to your color preference. You can shop the hammocks and tarps online as you may get them inexpensive there than the market or stores.

Pro tip: – Square and rectangular tarps are the best ones because they will provide you with various pitching options. You will get hammocks with various options but the perfect hammock could only be selected by thinking what you want it your hammock tarp.

Bottom line

Hammock tarp is a nice idea if you want to enjoy your adventure at its best. If you have planned your holidays for multiple days, you will not regret setting up a hammock tarp. There are different methods in which you can set up the hammock tarp; you can choose the one as per your preference and convenience.

If you want your adventurous holiday to be the best one, you should be prepared for the worst conditions as you may not feel comfortable with the hammocks but once you master the trick you will enjoy it the most. You can combine comfort with adventure just by adding tarp to your camping hammock.


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